Ohio Sees Nation’s Largest Unemployment Drop

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An unemployment office.(Photo: Burt Lum (Flickr))
An unemployment office.(Photo: Burt Lum (Flickr))

Ohio reports the nation’s largest decline in new applications for unemployment benefits, while the number of claims nationwide is mostly unchanged.

The federal government didn’t give a reason why Ohio saw a dropoff of nearly 2,800 people making first-time unemployment claims. But Ben Johnson with the state Department of Job and Family Services says at least part of the drop came because claims were elavated by seasonal layoffs by school districts and auto manufacturers.

“Now in this week, as we see those automobile manufacturers come back to work, we saw the claims come back down to a normal level,” Johnson says.

Nationwide numbers are more recent and show first-time unemployment applications ticked down by 1,000 last week.

Applications have topped 400,000 for 12 straight weeks.