Effects of Earthquake, Tsunami, On Honda’s Ohio Operations Unknown

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Hod production could be affected by disaster(Photo: FormerWMDriver)
Hod production could be affected by disaster(Photo: FormerWMDriver)

Officials at the Honda manufacturing plant in Marysville say it’s still too early to know what effect the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will have on production of the company’s U.S. made vehicles.

Spokesman Ron Lietzke says most American-made Hondas are built with parts from 600 North American suppliers. But Lietzke says, the manufacturing process still depends on components from more than 100 Japanese suppliers. He says officials still don’t know the effects that the Japanese disasters will have on parts availability

“There are some parts that do come from Japan so we are analyzing right now what the status is for the production of those parts,” Lietzke said. “Some of the parts are still in transit; others are in inventory here in North America.”

Lietzke says that it’s still too soon to know when or if Honda’s U.S. operations will be affected.

“At this time we’re still analyzing, it’s a very fluid situation. So we’re in contact with all of our suppliers in Japan, and assessing their status and when they’ll be getting back into production again,” Lietzke said.

Lietzke says Honda employs more than 13,000 people at its four Ohio manufacturing operations in Marysville, East Liberty, Anna and Russells Point.