Findlay Braces For More Flooding

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Four years after massive flooding devastated much of the city of Findlay, emergency officials there say the troubled Blanchard River is once again creeping over its banks. The Blanchard River started lapping over a wall in downtown Findlay Monday morning. It’s expected to crest around five-and-a-half feet above flood level by tomorrow. That’s about two feet lower than the 2007 flood that inundated much of downtown and made national news, but it’s still causing problems. Gary Valentine directs the county’s Emergency Management Agency. He says his agency is handing out sandbags and telling people they may need to leave their homes if the river keeps rising. “We are trying to put out messages to advise the people that this is going to occur, as far as a flood, and that they should get ready for a flood in case it does it,” Valentine says. Downriver in Putnam county, public safety director Steven Odenweller says they’re in a holding pattern. He says they want to see how much water Findlay gets before deciding what to do. “We usually don’t crest until about 18 hours, maybe as much as 24 hours after Findlay, so they are one of our indicators,” Odenweller says.

Odenweller says they’ve already evacuated a few homes in low-lying areas, but as of right now the situation looks better than the first days of the massive 2007 flood.