Police Finishing Up At Cincinnati Landfill

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Investigators are hoping for last-minute clues as they finish searching a Cincinnati landfill for leads to a missing Bellefontaine couple.

Police honed in on the landfill after Richard and Gladis Russell’s car was seen backed up to a dumpster at an Interstate 75 rest stop near Cincinnati. The elderly couple and their car went missing last week on the same day police began a massive manhunt for Sam Littleton. He once bought a home from the Russelsl and is now accused in the stabbing death of his girlfriend’s daughter, 26-year-old Tiffany Brown.

Amanda Pratt is a spokeswoman for trash company Rumpke, which owns the landfill. She says regardless of whether they find anything, investigators will leave the site by tonight.

“This is only one component of a major, nationwide investigation. So once the search is exhausted at this facility, they’ll still be following up on additional leads,” Pratt says.

That includes West Virginia and Tennessee, where Littleton is known to have contacts. Police are also back-tracking by asking people in Logan county to check sheds, garages and outlying buildings in case Littleton returned to the area.