Columbus ERs Busy With Weather-Related Injuries

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The ice, snow and wind have caused people to succumb to gravity. WOSU reports falls have caused increased visits to local emergency rooms.

Riverside Hospital emergency department has been very busy treating patients with weather-related injuries. Registered Nurse Rhonda Dixon is the hospital’s emergency services director. She said the emergency department has seen more than 100 patients with weather-related injuries.

“That was just at Riverside and that’s a lot for an ice storm, and we’re still seeing people today,” Dixon said. Broken wrists and ankles, dislocated hips and banged up backs are some of the most common injuries. But Dixon said there have been one or two more serious injuries.

“People fall and hit their head, and you know can even cause serious bleeding within the brain if you fall and hit your head hard, especially if you take a blood thinner. That can be very dangerous,” she said.

Dixon said there have been no weather-related deaths at Riverside. Mount Carmel reports its four ERs have seen more than 100 people with weather-related injuries. OSU Medical Center reports similar numbers, as well.