American Electric Power Begins Offering “Time-of Day” Rates.

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American Electric Power is now offering “time-of-day” rates to its customers with so-called smart meters that measure real time electric usage. WOSU’s Tom Borgerding.

Utility Spokeswoman Terri Flora says the rates are available to as many as 30-thousand customers.

“They’ll pay a cheaper rate for electricity during lower cost times, meaning times that generation doesn’t cost as much. And then a higher rate during those peak times when generation costs more.

Flora says by avoiding laundry, cooking and even limiting air conditioner use during afternoon and early evening hours in the summer months, customers will be able to save on their electric bill.

“A customer may spend $120 during the summer, on their bill. So they could save maybe twelve to fifteen dollars per month.”

Flora says the time of day rates are voluntary. She says if enough customers sign-up the utility will benefit by limiting peak usage between May and September.

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