Columbus Man Makes Plea Deal In Infant Murder

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A man accused of killing his infant son late last year has agreed to plead guilty to aggravated murder.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said depending on the sentencing, Quindell Sherman could be paroled as early as 20 years. But O’Brien, who says Sherman was eligible for the death penalty, said he will seek a sentence of life without parole.

“Victim’s family was in favor of the penalty being limited to life without parole,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien details what will happen next.

“Mr. Sherman will be arraigned on Friday. He currently is in jail, will stay in jail. Once the case is drawn to a judge, hopefully within the next he will enter his guilty plea, and then thereafter be sentenced,” O’Brien said.

In November, 20-year-old Sherman, during a domestic dispute with the infant’s mother, allegedly threw his son to the ground multiple times, killing the baby. O’Brien expects sentencing as early as next month.