New GOP 15th District U.S. Representative To Vote On Health Care Repeal Bill

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New Congressman Steve Stivers faces a key vote in his first week on the job. The Columbus Republican said he is still deciding whether to join the house leadership in a vote to repeal the health care overhaul.

It’s been less than a year since President Obama signed into law the federal health care legislation. Now the republican-led U.S. House is expected to vote to scrap it January 12. Newly-sworn Congressman Stivers would not say how he plans to vote.

“I want to look at every bill before I decide how I’m going to vote on it.”

Stivers gets a copy of the repeal bill today. The congressman supports some parts of the law like the provision that prevents denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions and the one that allows children to remain on their parents’ policies until age 26.

Even so, he still might vote to start over.

“It has a job-killing mandate. I think the mandate creates a real problem and a hurdle for small business,” the congressman said.

The law calls for small businesses with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance or face penalties.

Stivers said he would support “less controversial” reform.

“We need to do things like FDA reform, tort reform. We need to do things that actually encourage healthy behaviors. We need to focus on all the drivers that are there in the health care system. And if we do that then I think you’ll find health care is more affordable,” Stivers said.

It’s unlikely any bill passed by the House would make it through the Senate. And the president has the power to veto it.