Recycling Christmas Trappings

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Many holiday-related garbage items like boxes and wrapping paper can be recycled, but not everything should be put in the recycle bin. Christmas trees stripped of their colorful lights and tinsel will start appearing on the curb since the holiday has passed. Waste recycling companies say that the trees should be completely free of decorations and cut in to 3 to 4 foot sections. Manager, Larry Spencer of SWACO, the solid waste authority says the trees will be mulched and composted.

“That mulch is then used and it has a lot of nutrients in it that are good for plants and trees. And that mulch is used it’s actually sold where you buy it you know it in some of the garden centers around Franklin county,” said Spencer.

Spencer says people who received large items like televisions and video game equipment may want to bring their empty boxes directly to recycle bins.

“You don’t want that box out front. For some people it’s an advertisement. You know there’s a new T.V. set in there. So instead take it to one of our 200 drop offs,” said Spencer.

Spencer adds it’s best to think ahead to next year for recycling and buy bags that can be reused instead of wrapping paper. Recycling experts also say that any paper with foil cannot be recycled nor can bows, ribbons and Styrofoam.