Limited Brands out-performs October predictions

Columbus-based Limited Brands Incorporated is among a rash of retailers reporting higher-than-expected revenue gains for the month of October.

Anaylsts say Limited’s nine percent jump in revenue compared to the same month last year is due, at least in part, to heavy discounting on coats and other cold-weather items to get shoppers to spend amid unusually warm temperatures. That as many retailers remain cautious about the holiday shopping season as shoppers grappling with job worries remain likely to wait until the last minute to get the best deals.

Other over-performing retailers last month include Cincinnati-based Macy’s Corporation, as well as Target and Costco.

Meanwhile, a news release for Marysville-based Scotts Miracle-Gro says fourth-quarter sales fell nine percent, while stock losses more than doubled to 32-point six million dollars. That’s still a smaller drop than predicted by some economists.