Republican Gibbs Defeats Democrat Space In Ohio’s 18th Congressional District Contest

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After four years representing Ohio’s 18th Congressional district, Democratic Representative Zack Space was defeated by Republican Bob Gibbs.

“Ladies and gentlemen the next congressman from the 18th District in the great state of Ohio, State Senator Bob Gibbs.”

The settings – and the rhetoric – were strikingly different. Bob Gibbs gave his acceptance speech in a ballroom at a downtown Columbus Hotel before hundreds of Republicans.

“Thanks for all your help. And we’re going to…Nancy Pelosi is going to be staying home in San Francisco, I think,” Gibbs said. Meanwhile in New Philadelphia, Rep. Space stood in the midst of a few dozen people at the VFW hall, breaking the news to his supporters.

“Even though it’s not over, we have to recognize reality,” Space said.

During his concession speech, Space listed innovations that were accomplished during his time in office: they included the start of a large-scale broadband initiative in his rural Appalachian district; and the construction of the largest solar electricity facility in the U.S.

“We have begun the transformation of a region of a country. That’s something that we should be very, very proud of,” Space said.

Gibbs, on the other hand focused his remarks on the Republican agenda.

“We’re going to Washington D.C. to cut spending, cut taxes, and bring confidence back to the private sector,” Gibbs said. “And people are going to have jobs again, right?”

Later Gibbs added:

“And we’re going to repeal ‘Obama Care.’ And we’re going to put Cap and Trade, the national energy tax, in the waste basket,” Gibbs said.

Space called Gibbs a good man who ran a good campaign. But he had a word of admonition for his successor.

“We have ignited a spark in Appalachian Ohio and it is incumbent upon him to fan that flame and keep it moving,” Space said.