Closed Door Meetings Coming to City Council

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Columbus City Council Members will be able to meet in private sessions thanks to voters who passed Issue 12.

Issue 12 changes the city charter allowing council members to meet in executive session. The closed door meetings would be allowed for discussions on 5 topics real estate transactions deals, pending litigation, personnel issues, collective bargaining and federal homeland security matters required by law to be kept confidential. Both sides on Issue 12 had attached each other for trying to confuse voters on what the result of changing the city charter would mean. They both later dropped their complaints. City councilman Andrew Ginther says the public will still get information.

“Every public vote will be done before the public, they’ll have a chance to weigh in on it. I don’t think this is anything out of the ordinary, and Hilliard, Canal Winchester, overwhelming majority of municipalities already have this authority”, said Ginther.

The change is expected to take effect November 22nd.