Local election officials report few problems through early afternoon

Counties around central Ohio report modest voter turnout so far in today’s election and few problems with voting equipment.

Matt Damschroder is the deputy director of elections in Franklin county. He says they’ve had some minor problems, but nothing to turn away frustrated voters.

“Things like one poll worker oversleeping,” Damschroder says.

Damschroder expects about 50 percent of registered voters in Franklin county to cast a ballot this year, with state election officials making similar projections. But Ohio State University political scientist Herb Asher says early voting has made turnout harder to predict in recent elections.

“That’s one of the challenges the pollsters have had this year, is how do you calculate the likely electorate,” Damschroder says.

Asher made his comment on WOSU’s “All Sides with Ann Fisher” this morning.

Meanwhile, Ohio Congressman and U.S. House Republican leader John Boehner sees a big day ahead for his party.

Boehner is in line to become speaker if Republicans gain a majority in the House, and he said this morning they have “a real opportunity” to do so. He also called the election a chance for those unhappy with government spending, takeovers and bailouts to make their voices heard.

Polls are open until 7:30 this evening.