Political Ad Fact-Checkers Keep Busy Before Election Day.

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It’s the final week before the election, and the way ads and campaign rhetoric are coming at voters could be described as fast and furious. But as Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports, one of the state’s leading fact-checkers says some of them are also wrong.

Poltifact of Ohio checked into this ad from Republican candidate for Governor John Kasich: AD: “Ted Strickland destroyed Ohio jobs when he busted the budget .”

“You may as well call Strickland, Ted the Destroyer.”

Politifact Ohio director, Robert Higgs, says he found the busted the budget’ claim referred to last year when Governor Ted Strickland’s proposal to plug a budget hole with revenue from slots at racetracks was shot down by the Ohio Supreme Court. So Strickland and the legislature approved his plan to roll back the final year of a five year income tax cut.

“We didn’t think it was fair to say Strickland busted the budget. We also didn’t see how he could have an ad that was pinning all of the state’s job losses on the so-called busting the budget and because of that we rated the ad as a false.” Says Higgs.

In the Secretary of State’s race, Democrat Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessy called Republican Jon Husted a perpetual candidate,’ while his ad refers to her as, a professional politician.’ Higgs says looking at how many times they’ve been on the ballot in recent years, both claims are true.

Karen Kasler At The Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau