Franklin County BOE Expects Higher Turnout In November

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If you want to vote in the upcoming elections, you’ll need to get registered by Monday night. WOSU reports more people are expected to go to the polls this year.

The upcoming gubernatorial and mid-term legislative elections are expected to draw higher than usual voter participation. The Franklin County Board of Elections says its doors will be open until nine tonight to register voters.

Many of those registering are first time voters. But board of elections spokesperson, Ben Piscitelli, said there’s another group of voters who will need to register again.

“If you are someone who voted in the past but you’ve moved since you voted in the last election you will need to re-register with us, give us your new address in order to vote a regular ballot on Election Day,” Piscitelli said.

Otherwise, Piscitelli said, a voter will have to cast a provisional ballot. A voter who has recently changed their name also will need to re-register. Piscitelli said about 813,000 people, so far, are registered to vote this, and as many as 60 percent of them are expected to cast ballots.

“We had a 50 percent turnout in 2006 when Ted Strickland defeated Ken Blackwell. The interest in this race is a little higher,” he said.

Generally, about half of registered voters go to the polls in a governor’s race.