Gun Stopper Program Aimed At Fighting Gun Violence

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Columbus City Mayor Michael Coleman announced today a new program to remove illegal guns off the streets.

So far this year there have been 77 murders. That’s up from 55 at this time last year. A rash of teen killings over the summer led Columbus police to start new measures like community response teams. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman announced today a new program he believes can be effective in getting illegal weapons off the street. It’s called Gun Stoppers.

“We will reward up to $1 thousand dollars for a tip that leads to an arrest and the recovery of a gun. We have to take these illegal guns off the streets,” said Coleman.

All calls will be anonymous. Coleman adds other efforts will be extended like the Community response teams. An additional 30 officers will be assigned year round to patrol high risk communities. Coleman says more community input can lead to more arrests. He says 60 percent of homicides have been solved this year.