High School Fight Tightens School Security

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Bucyrus High schools officials have tightened security after a 14 year old student was seriously hurt in a fight. One student faces assault charges and the victim’s mother wants other girls charged as well.

14 year old Gabrielle Aybar had emergency surgery following the fight last Friday. It happened before school inside a girls restroom at Bucyrus High. Police say a 15 year old student began punching Aybar breaking the girl’s jaw and several teeth. Aybar’s mother Dawn Gray says several girls participated in the assault.

“They got her in the stall and beat her a little bit more and she literally crawled out of the bathroom. And once she got out of the bathroom there were teachers and everybody standing around. But apparently no one could hear her screaming, explained Gray.

Bucyrus City Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols says the fight was between two students.

“There were other girls of various ages in and about that restroom area. Some of them left pretty quickly, some of them were afraid to do anything. But it was one victim and one perpetrator,” said Nichols.

“My daughter is traumatized. It’s not just about her physical injury. She could not understand how that many people could stand there and watch that happen to her, exclaimed Gray.

Police say the fight was in retaliation of a drug-related suspension of the suspect’s boyfriend. Investigators say suspect believed Aybar snitched on her boyfriend. The alleged attacker faces a juvenile assault charge. She is being held in a Marion facility. Superintendent Nichols says the girl has also been suspended for 10 days and faces expulsion.

Nichols adds the district has tightened security at the high school. Only 1 student is allowed in a restroom at a time while a staff member waits outside. An increased number of staff members are monitoring students as they arrive in the morning. Aybar may remain at home for four weeks while she recovers.