Controversial Teen Fights To Stay in U.S.

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A Franklin County teenager at the center of a feud with her Islamic parents appeared back in court today (Wednesday). At issue now is whether Rifqa Bary will be able to stay in the U.S. when she turns 18 next week. All parties in the Rifqa Bary case came before Franklin County Juvenile Court Magistrate Mary Goodrich. But no deliberations or decisions were made. Goodrich directed the parties to write statements addressing 3 motions in the case. Rifqa, a Sri Lankan native turns 18 on Tuesday. Her attorneys had asked the magistrate to make “special findings” so she can apply for a special immigrant juvenile status and get her green card. Magistrate Goodrich.

“I am going to allow the parties to respond to the motions in brief, written statements as indicated in the rule by noon tomorrow and I will advise a written decision by five o’clock tomorrow and have it filed,” said Goodrich.

The hearing lasted only five minutes. The 17 year old has been in foster care since running away from her Islamic home and becoming a Christian. Bary claimed her parents would kill her for changing religion. Her allegations however were never substantiated. Several of the teens friends were in the courtroom.