Crew Stadium Entertains World Cup Fans

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World Cup Soccer for the USA team continues this morning as it faces Slovenia. The match begins at 10 and soccer fans around Central Ohio are flocking to their favorite game viewing locations.

High definition TV’s are scattered around a huge tent setup next to the Crew Stadium. Leather couches and coffee tables arranged just like a family room make it appear like soccer fans are at home. USA fan, Ryan Janiszewski explains why he likes this environment.

“Just to be around other soccer fans it creates that same type of atmosphere that you have at an Ohio State game or something. It’s the whole community together everybody kind of cheering together and working towards a goal,” Janiszewski said.

Every four years World Cup Soccer fans come to Crew Stadium and hang out at “Cup Headquarters,” to watch the games.

30 year old Todd Evans from the Arena District came last Saturday for the USA game against England and he’ll be back for the game against Slovenia. Evans knows what challenges players face in the game.

“Having played at the semi high level I did a long time ago. There’s a lot of knocks and kicks and physical play and that’s fun, it was fun. Fun to see too,” Evans said.

Some fans root for the home team outside of the U.S. Yacob Amare is from Ethiopia and grew up playing soccer in East Africa. He and other African natives will be at Cup Headquarters Friday to cheer on Algeria.

“So what do you think about this event? This event is amazing for individuals that don’t know about soccer and for Columbus Crew to host it for others, open door. It’s a free event,”Amare said.

17 year old Mike Green is fascinated with the talent of the World Cup players. He plays for Thomas Worthington High School, but has already abandoned his dreams of a professional career.

“It’s every soccer player’s dream. Don’t get me wrong. But I just know now that I could never make it on that team. Why? Why, because, I’m not good enough. People in the World Cup they’re just so good,” Green said.

Green likes the enthusiasm fans bring to the stadium, even if they’re rooting for other countries.

“There’s just a little bit more of an atmosphere than sitting on your couch watching. You know when you have friends or you have other people. Especially like when Mexico plays and they’re fans of one of the teams. Kind of nice,” remarked Green.

Green’s friend 17 year old Caleb Williams wouldn’t mind sitting next to a Slovenian fan for the game versus the USA.

“It’s all the better. I like the competition. Rub it in their face when we win,” Williams said.

All fans wanting to see the win can crowd into Crew Stadium which will also be open with a big screen showing the World Cup games.