New Columbus Police Precincts Coming

Columbus Police Chief Walter Distelzweig got the go ahead Thursday to implement his restructuring plan that involves 900 officers. An arbitrator ruled in favor of the top brass for the Columbus Police Department. Their plan is to change precinct boundaries on the far East side and the North side of Columbus to more effectively patrol the city where crime happens. And they also want to add a precinct. Chief Walter Distelzweig says Thursday’s ruling is a win for thecity and its citizens, allowing him to put officers in areas where they are needed the most.

Union officials who challenged the realignment plan say itneedlessly shuffles officers and will weaken their ties with the community.

Patrol officers will be required to switch shifts, days off or precincts. Union president Jim Gilbert says he’s certain that contractual issues will arise in coming months because of the massive reassignment of officers.