State Senate Votes Against Confirmation For Safety Director.

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The Ohio Senate has rejected the governor’s public safety director appointee after she was accused of lying about a called-off sting involving inmates working at the governor’s residence. The Republican-controlled Senate voted 18-15 yesterday to deny the confirmation of Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor.Senator Timothy Grendell says Collins-Taylor lacked qualification for the job.

“The question is this: Do you feel that this individual has the leadership and management skills to best serve the public safety of the state of Ohio as being the leader of that department. In fact, I will submit the answer to that is no.”

But Democratic State senator Nina Turner questioned the process used to dismiss Collins-Taylor.

“It was flawed from the beginning and the fact that we are using the cloak of the constitution as the reason to not to confirm a lady who has given her entire life to service to this state is certainly unconscionable.”

Governor Ted Strickland says Collins-Taylor is a good and decent person who served Ohio honorably and humbly.