Ohio Public Safety Director Speaks out on Inspector General Report on Scuttled Sting at Governor’s Residence

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Cathy Collins-Taylor(Photo: governor.ohio.gov)
Cathy Collins-Taylor(Photo: governor.ohio.gov)

For the first time, the state’s top public safety official is speaking out about the decision to call off an operation involving a suspicious package to be dropped off at the Governor’s Residence in January.

Inspector General Tom Charles blasted the decision to call off that package drop, and said public safety officials made false statements during his investigation.

But Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor says the inspector general had a predetermined conclusion in mind and mischaracterized facts.

NOTE: Karen Kasler’s entire interview with Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor will be on “The State of Ohio” on WOSU-TV at 5:30pm Friday, May 21.

RELATED STORY FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS: a Democratic state representative proposes a law that would require the Ohio watchdog to step aside from investigations involving an agency where he or a family member has worked.

The bill from state Rep. Dennis Murray comes as hearings are set to begin Wednesday in the confirmation of Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor.

State Inspector General Tom Charles issued a report critical of Collins-Taylor’s actions surrounding the cancellation of a contraband sting at the governor’s residence. The sting has become politically touchy for Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland.

Charles is a former trooper. His wife is a Highway Patrol officer.

Murray’s bill calls for the deputy inspector general to take over when the inspector general has a potential conflict.