Curbside Recycling Getting Review

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Columbus officials want the input of residents in setting up a new curbside recycling program by 2012. Mayor Michael Coleman says despite some extra costs recycling saves money in the long run. And Coleman adds the new program won’t cost residents anymore money.

The mayor says residents can go to an online survey at recycle Columbus dot org and answer questions about recycling.

“The questions are things like Does your household currently recycle and if yes what method do you use, the current drop box method or the subscription program?,” said Coleman.

Coleman says the city wants to know how widespread recycling will be. It has not proved popular in the past. Coleman says while the exact cost for picking up bottles, boxes and newspapers still has to be added up, in the long run the city will save money from not having to dump as much trash in a landfill.

“I think this is a good thing for the city of Columbus. We want your ideas. And we want to be able to reach out and get your input on all of these issues,” said Coleman.

Coleman says the city could save $5 million a year by getting 35 percent of recyclable trash out of the landfill. He estimates a new landfill today would cost up to $100 million.