Ohio Lawmaker Calls for Tougher Immigration Law

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A conservative state representative from southwest Ohio says the state needs to follow Arizona’s lead and pass a similar immigration law.

The measure signed into law last week in Arizona allows police to question anyone about their immigration status if officers have reason to suspect the person is in the country illegally.

Republican Representative Courtney Combs of Fairfield says illegal drugs coming into Ohio from Mexico make a similar law worth considering here.

Noting that Ohio’s immigration issues differ from Arizona’s, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said today he would not support such a bill here.

Rep. Combs has an immigration proposal in the Ohio House. The measure has not yet received a hearing.

  • Mtgphd

    Well, this is interesting. How can Kasick and the Republicans make this work?

    It will take a lot of police officers and other personnel to carry out such a dictum.

    Kasick and Republicans want to reduce the number of police officers.

    How would this work for us. Who would be taking care of the rest of us, who may not be suspected of being in the state illegally, but can be robbed, raped, and murdered.

    What will happen to the rest of us?