Police assigned desk duty pending investigation

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Six Columbus Police Officers are under investigation after allegedly drinking alcohol and firing a weapon.

One Columbus Police Sergeant and five other officers are off the streets and behind desks while an investigation continues into what happened last Wednesday. Sgt. Rich Weiner says that allegedly the officers drank alcohol and then one of them fired a weapon after the police officers had conducted a vehicle training session at National Trail outside of Columbus. Weiner says another officer not connected with the group reported the incident Sunday.

“The division is very concerned and because of that they took swift action which was without asking any questions there were allegations, information was backed up. They went and took the badge and gun of 6 individuals,” Weiner said. Sgt. Weiner says it’s not known if the officers were on or off duty when the incident happened. He says more police officers may be involved.

“Obviously the division is taking this very serious and that’s why everybody involved in that incident has been relieved from duty. Now this might be an incident where we find out that there were more people present and if that’s the case then they will be relieved from duty,” Weiner said.

Sgt. Weiner says if the investigation finds that any of the officers targeted were not involved in wrongdoing they will return to their normal job.