Rep. Kilroy Hosts Small Business Roundtable

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15th District Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy Thursday talked job creation with a group of small business leaders at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Kilroy, a Democrat, says she wants to ensure that small businesses have the tools they need to be successful.

But a spokesman for the Republican Party is skeptical.

In his state of the union address Wednesday night, President Obama emphasized the critical need to create jobs. That’s one reason, says Congresswoman Kilroy, that she held a small business roundtable at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Kilroy says small business success is the key to Central Ohio’s economic health

“We’re embarking on a period of real focus on jobs and jobs in our community and doing the kind of things that would benefit businesses like these,” Kilroy said. “That’s what our work is going to be focused on in Congress is to help our businesses grow, to make America’s competitive edge remain strong, to find ways to make things in this country, to allow businesses to expand.”

But Tory Mazzola a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee says Kilroy’s rhetoric does not match her actions

“Mary Jo Kilroy and her leaders should have embarked on this mission a long time ago,” Mazzola said. “Central Ohioans have been looking for work for quite some time; they’re struggling to make ends meet. And Mary Jo Kilroy has gone along with a partisan job-killing agenda that’s done nothing but create bureaucracy when people want to find jobs.” One of the event’s invitees was Brent Meizlish, vice president of operations for Buckeye Industrial Supply Company. He says he believes that the federal government really can assist small business owners by implementing the right kind of legislation. “I think there is help,” Meizlish said. “I think that trying to be get it effective is sometimes hard to do.”

Kilroy did not propose any solutions. She said she will take what she heard back to Washington.