Ohio Rescue Team Heads To Haiti

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70 members of Ohio Task Force One are scheduled to deploy to Haiti this morning. Task Force member Dan Kochenspargar of Upper Arlington says members of the search and rescue team will fly out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Fairborn. Kochensparger was among the Ohio first responders after Nine-Eleven and he says the devastation in Haiti will present similar challenges.

“This is probably going to be closer to the chaos and carnage you see in a hurricane as far as how widespread it is but its going to have the intensity of a World Trade Center or a Pentagon everywhere you go because there are so many of thos buildings that are down.” Says Kochenspargar

Kochenspargar is a “stay-back” this time. But, he says first responders have to prepare emotionally as well as physically for assignments like the Haiti earthquake.

“I think the hardest part for most people is that trip over because there’s a lot of time to think. But then once you hit the ground again you know that you have that job to do and so that job becomes paramount and you end up concentrating on that and then you kind of have to in between do some de-compression to get ready for that next shift and so on.”

Kochenspargar says the Ohio rescuers are scheduled to arrive in Haiti this afternoon.