West Side Residents React to Having Casino In Their Part of Columbus

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Residents on the West side either love or hate the idea of a casino in their part of town. They are not shy about expressing their views.

Life long west side resident Jan Fields doesn’t see anything positive if a multi-million dollar casino locates near her neighborhood.

“It’s just going to bring more traffic and you know like I said it’s going to bring crime into the neighborhood.” Fields said.

While supporters point to job creation as a way to boost development on the West side, Fields has many questions.

“I’m not sure if how good the jobs will be whether they’re going to be minimum wage, you know jobs that people can’t live on.” Fields said.

19 year old De’J Johnson also doesn’t think a casino is the answer to job problems.

“If people want to influence jobs and stuff like that why don’t they promote small businesses or places like that instead of spending more money to build some big multi want to be billion dollar building that’s going to bust.” Johnson said. Other residents are eager to see the casino. 35 year old David Pyles has been unemployed for nearly a year. “We’ve got everything out here. It’ll be close to the freeway. It’s going to bring a lot of jobs to our community. It’ll upgrade our community. People will want to invest in our houses. It’ll raise our property value,” Pyles said.

Pyles said any crime concerns will be addressed by more police officers.