OSU And Children’s Get Millions For Biomedical Research

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OSU is set to receive almost $3.7 million. Medical College Vice Dean of Research, Dr. Clay Marsh, says the money will create jobs.

“It’s presumed that, with each grant that’s funded, that generally about three to four direct people will be hired to do these research projects,” says Dr. Marsh.

Dr. Marsh says the money will fund a diverse mix of projects – from encouraging research science to improving neo-natal health to cancer research.

Children’s is set to receive about $700,000. Children’s Research Institute President Dr. John Barnard says federal stimulus money will support computer infrastructure for Children’s pediatric tumor bank.

“So we can match the genetic information with the information about the tumor to learn about how better to treat patients, or how to characterize their tumor sample in a way that allows us to predict prognosis in a more accurate way,” says Dr. Barnard.

Dr. Barnard says the grant money will also create jobs at Children’s.

In all, eight Ohio biomedical research institutions won more than 14 million dollars in federal stimulus money.