OSU Officials Warn Of Game-Day Traffic Delays

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With football season around the corner, OSU officials say fans should allow for longer travel times going to and from home games. OSU Transportation and Parking Services Director Sarah Blouch says she expects typical delays into the stadium — but leaving the stadium will probably take longer.

“Outbound is really the one that will impact with the majority of delays. We estimate about double the time for people to leave campus over what we’ve normally been able to do,” says Blouch.

OSU Chief of Police Paul Denton says officers will be directing traffic after the game according to where people park:

“If you park south of the stadium, the expectation will be that you will be directed south, if it’s north of the stadium you’re going to be directed north. So if that’s you’re intended direction when you leave the game, that’s where we would suggest that you park,” says Denton.

315 will be restricted to two lanes in both directions. All exits on 315 southbound will remain open, but going northbound near campus, only the Lane Avenue exit will be open.