Ohio Supreme Court OKs Youngstown Vicious Dog Ordinance

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The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld a Youngstown ordinance requiring unleashed vicious dogs to be confined to the owner’s property.

The 5-2 ruling Wednesday also upheld a requirement that prosecutors prove at trial that a defendant’s dog is vicious or dangerous. The justices relied in part on their ruling in a 2007 case upholding Toledo’s ordinance regulating pit bulls.

The Youngstown case involved two Italian Mastiff/Cane Corso dogs, one a male weighing up to 180 pounds and a slightly smaller female, that got loose and attacked a man and his dog.

Police called to the scene killed both big dogs when they headed toward the officers.

The owner, Jammie Traylor was charged with two violations of a city ordinance. A message seeking comment was left for his attorney.