Children Services looks to replace expiring funds

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Officials with Franklin County Children Services on Thursday continued their push to convince voters to approve a levy issue on the fall ballot.

On the last day to place issues on the November ballot, the county agency held an event to raise awareness about Ohio’s Safe Haven Law. Agency executive director Eric Fenner says press conferences like this are part of a larger effort to expose voters to just what Children’s Services does. The department is asking those voters to approve a 3.1 mill levy, which Fenner admits has been a tough sell.

“But I also want to stress that we’ve been efficient. We’re actually reducing the millage – not by a lot, but we are reducing the millage. And this is the first time in 25 years that Franklin County Children Services has not increased millage and actually kept it flat or reduced it.”

Like Fenner says, regardless of whether the levy passes, the amount property owners send to Children Services will decrease.

Right now the owner of a $100,000 property sends the agency about $147 a year. If the new levy passes, that number would still drop to $145. If the levy fails, it would fall all the way to $117.