Senator Asks Ohio Court to Toss Residency Complaint

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State Sen. Jon Husted has filed a lawsuit asking the Ohio Supreme Court to order the dismissal of a compliant alleging he does not live in the Dayton-area city where he votes in elections.

In the suit filed Tuesday, Husted says Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has taken too long to rule on the issue and that there was never a proper legal challenge to his residency.

Husted, of Kettering, is running as a Republican for secretary of state next year. Brunner is a Democrat running for U.S. Senate.

Brunner says her office has “tried to be painstakingly fair” and that the Supreme Court is the best place to decide the matter.

She was handed the decision in February and again in June when the Montgomery County Board of Elections twice voted 2-2 along party lines.