JP Morgan Chase to Add 1,150 Jobs in Central Ohio

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There is some good economic news for central Ohio. JP Morgan Chase Tuesday morning announced it will expand its operations in Columbus and Westerville.

Chase will add a total of 1,150 new jobs to the area. Most of them will be located at the Chase complex, formally the Bank One complex, at Polaris.

The move comes after Columbus, Westerville and State officials teamed up to offer more than 20 million dollars in tax incentives to Chase to expand its workforce in Central Ohio.

Chase is adding job in Central Ohio as it consolidates its operations with that of Washington Mutual which is acquired last year.

In a statement, Charlie Scharf, CEO of Chase Retail Financial Services said, “We are expanding in the Columbus area because we know employees here are educated, motivated and dedicated, and because the city and state have been excellent partners. Columbus has, for years now, been a critical hub for serving literally millions of customers around the country.”

Columbus Mayor Coleman said, “”We are gratified that Chase wants to continue to make Columbus its home and grow its operations here. We will keep fighting for every job as we continue to make Columbus an economically competitive city.”

The announcement brings the Chase Central Ohio workforce to 16,000 employees. Central Ohio Chase President Melissa Ingwersen talked about the new jobs with WOSU’s Christina Morgan.