GM To Close Groveport Warehouse

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As part of General Motor’s bankruptcy filing, it’s closing its ACDelco warehouse facility in Groveport, south of Columbus. Eighty-one workers at the Groveport warehouse stand to lose their jobs.

Mark Clagett, who works as a benefits representative for the UAW at GM, says workers were given two options. They could take a buyout or relocate to where the work will go: Memphis, Tennessee.

“I will probably take the buyout. I’m not 100% sure yet, but I’m probably 99.9% sure. But I’ve got a family here, and I don’t really wish to uproot them, and take them 700 miles south, or 500 miles south, ” says Clagett.

LuAnne Coleman, a GM employee for three decades, describes the restructuring as criminal.

“I personally feel that during my tenure with General Motors, I made a lot of money for this company. They invested it in China and other countries. And now I’m the one that’s going to be unemployed. I think that’s criminal. That money should have been reinvested here in the United States — not overseas,” says Coleman.

Coleman says that since she’s been with the company for so long, her situation is better than many of her colleagues. She says she doesn’t know what many of her coworkers are going to do. “Some of these folks have ten years seniority or so, and there’s only so many places to go with General Motors cutting back, I don’t know where they’re gonna go. There’s no openings, so what are they going to do — what are they gonna do? They have house payments, children. I don’t know.” Sadie Taylor, WOSU News