Lottery Director Snagged for Ticket Giveaways

Governor Strickland today suspended use of promotional lottery tickets following a report by Inspector General Tom Charles.

The state watchdog says Lottery Director Michael Dolan displayed improper action and “a lack of good judgment” when he sent 100 lottery tickets to a state trooper who earlier pulled him over for a possible traffic violation.

Strickland put an immediate hold on the handing out of lottery tickets for marketing or promotional use pending the development of a new policy on ticket giveaways.

The report released Tuesday in Columbus says the trooper stopped Dolan on Interstate 71 on Jan. 26 for driving without a front license plate. The trooper gave Dolan a verbal warning about the violation and for not wearing a seat belt.

The report says Dolan sent a letter to the trooper on Jan. 28 thanking him for the courtesy he showed during the stop and enclosing the promotional lottery tickets. The report says Dolan regularly gives promotional tickets to police departments.