Columbus Police Indict 29 in Drug-Trafficking Ring

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19 people are in jail as a part of a federal indictment on drug trafficking charges. Federal, state and local law enforcement agents have been involved in what they are calling “Operation Georgia Peach.” The drug ring was a pipeline from Georgia to Columbus. FBI Special Agent Mark Batts talks about that. “It involved the city of Atlanta. Some of the subjects were in Atlanta and it involved drug trafficking between Atlanta and Columbus.”

Columbus Police Commander Jeffrey Blackwell says many of the alleged criminals are from this area. “Most of these individuals grew up in the north end of the city. In the Brittney Hills area. In fact, the name of the group is the Brittney Hills Posse.”

Blackwell also says he’s seen the damage that their illicit activity has done to the community. “It should be noted too that it’s just not these individuals, but this is the tip of the iceberg and so there are a lot of underlings involved as well in the narcotics trafficking in Columbus and the entire Central Ohio area. And in general, thoughout those dealings there have been violent activities … homicides, shootings and so forth.”

The drug ring’s leader, Maurice Williams, remains at large. Officials say they are hopeful though that with today’s announcement that they can apprehend the remainder of the defendants. Kim Fox, W-O-S-U News.