Industry Analyst Predicts Temporary Rescue For U-S Automakers.

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The U-S senate this week is expected to consider a bill to rescue or bail-out the domestic auto industry. Both senators from Ohio, Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican George Voinovich express support for the rescue plan. But, its uncertain whether the measure has enough support in a lame-duck congress.

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Miami University professor James Rubenstein closely monitors the auto industry. He says domestic auto makers are trying to weather what he calls a “cyclical crash” as car sales have dropped by nearly half in the past several months. But, he says its unlikely Washington will allow General Motors to go bankrupt.

“I do not believe the outgoing administration and the outgoing congress will want G-M to fail in a lame-duck session and in the final months of an eight year administration.” Says Rubenstein.

Rubenstein says Detroit automakers employ more than 30-thousand Ohioans. And, an additional 100,000 Ohioans are employed in the auto parts industry.

Tom Borgerding WOSU News.