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McCain, Obama Campaigns Work Down to the Wire

31, 2008

Supporters of the Obama-Biden presidential ticket scheduled a “Yes We Carve” event at Ohio State University today. The carvers are creating Obama inspired jack-o-lanterns – another in a series of Get-Out-The-Vote efforts to inspire the less motivated to go to the polls. Both the Republican and Democratic campaigns are ratcheting up their efforts to reach as many voters as they can by November 4th.

New police substation named after former Columbus Mayor Moody opens day after his passing

Columbus and Ohio State officials take part in a ribbon cutting at the opening of the Moody Hall Policing Center at East 11th Avenue. The new substation will serve the University District and Weinland Park areas.
October 31, 2008

Police and city officials Friday honor Mayor Tom Moody. They dedicated the new police substation named in his honor.