Obama Gaining on McCain in Ohio Poll

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Only two points separate Republican John McCain at 48 percent and Democrat Barack Obama at 46 percent in the latest Ohio Newspaper Poll conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati.

With the margin of error at more than three points, that makes this race a dead heat.

And 13 percent of voters said they could change their minds, while three percent are undecided. Obama has moved up four points in the Ohio Newspaper Poll since the last survey in September.

As for the economy, 35 percent of Ohioans say they aren’t at all worried about losing their jobs, while 22 percent say they are somewhat or very worried about a job loss.

31 percent say a tax cut for middle or low income families would be the most effective action the government could take to stimulate the economy, while 17 percent cite a business tax cut as the most effective action.