3 Columbus Radio Stations Hold Voter Registration Drive

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Three Columbus radio stations are among 52 across the country taking part in a one-day voter registration drive. The three stations are trying to help register 50-thousand people.

The three Columbus stations will continue voter registration until 9 p.m. The stations are part of the Radio One network which says it’s the largest radio broadcasting company primarily targeting African American and urban listeners.

“Good morning everybody we’re Joy 106.3 FM your soul inspiration station. I’m Pastor Mike Reeves, so glad you could be with us. And we’re broadcasting live from Columbus Square – one-vote day because we want to register 50,000 voters nationwide. And can I tell you something? Change starts with you. You can’t complain if you’re not registered to vote. You can’t complain if you don’t vote.”

Making every vote count is the theme but change is the underlying message. It’s the message that brought Gregory Fair to the registration table.

“Everybody keeps saying that your vote counts so I want to see if my vote counts,” Fair says. “If my vote is going to be a voice out there.”

Fair says he voted for the first time four years ago and almost gave up on the whole process when he saw the results.

“With how everything turned out I almost vowed not to vote again,” Fair says. “But this election, I got to be one of those people that vote; try to make some type of change.”

Fair believes Barack Obama is the candidate who can straighten out the country’s economy.

Tyaisa Pope says she’ll be a first-time voter in November. She too says she’ll cast her ballot for Obama.

“Well being 26 and not ever voting in my life I thought this was the best thing to do this year,” Pope says.

Ashanti Lawrence says she’ll be another first-time voter.

“This is actually my first time registering,” Lawrence says. “So I’m just proud to be a part of it. I’m going on November 4th to put my vote in.”

Lawrence declined to say which presidential candidate she’s supporting though she says her choice is clear.

Because I have a four-year-old and he’s going to be a black man in America, he needs to know that he can be anything that he wants to be.”

DJ Pastor Mike Reeves continues:

“And I tell you what, a voteless people are a helpless people and if you don’t vote you don’t count. And you can’t vote if you’re not registered.”