Candidates for Ohio Attorney General Differ on Process to Hire Outside Counsel

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A familiar debate is taking shape in the race for Ohio Attorney General as candidates talk about the process they would use to hire outside law firms to do work for the A-G’s office.

Ohio Republican Attorney General Candidate Mike Crites says he’s come up with reforms that he says would eliminate political favoritism or pay to play politics in the process of hiring outside legal firms to do work for the A-G’s office.

Crites says those firms would be ranked by a panel but he’d make the ultimate decision. Crites says the proposals would be available for public scrutiny too. He says the firms that get the job would be held to strict cost controls.

Current Ohio Treasurer and Democratic attorney general candidate Richard Cordray says he also wants to make sure the state does not spend more than necessary on outside legal work.

He says he also wants to make sure the state agencies have a strong voice in the process of choosing outside legal counsel.

An independent candidate for attorney general, Robert Owens, could not be reached for comment on this story. However, on his website, Owens says the system needs a fundamental overhaul. He says he would eliminate no-bid contracts and dramatically increase government transparency.