Meals On Wheels Rolling Again After Wind Storm

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Going without electricity for four days is testing the endurance of some Ohio families. But for certain agencies, a single power outage touches thousands of lives. Central Ohio’s Meals on Wheels provider Lifecare Alliance had power restored Monday to its kitchens on Mound Street. Still, meal deliveries did not resume until today.

Lifecare Alliance serves about six thousand meals each weekday. Even though their power was only out about a day, it caused a substantial loss of food. Lifecare’s Michelle Jones: “Because we had no power to get some of the meals out we really did lose a lot of product because of the power failure and we really don’t know exactly how much yet, we’re still assessing some of those losses,” Jones says.

Lifecare is the largest Meals On Wheels provider in Central Ohio. Drivers deliver hot meals to about 2500 elderly and chronically ill people.

“This is the first time since Sunday we were without power on Monday and trying to get things up and rolling again on Tuesday and so today is the first day that our machines have been up and running,” Jones says.

Those machines package food trays that are then delivered by drivers like Charles Wilson.

“I’m delivering a hot meal to a client,” Wilson says.

Wilson makes about 50 stops on his delivery route. One of those is Eleanor Harris’s home in the Mount Vernon Neighborhood.


“Hi! Hot meal today,” Wilson says.

“My power is out and I’m praying every day that it comes back on. And I thank God for this. I thank God for this,” Harris says.