Complex Columbus Bond Package Awaits Voters in November

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Auditor Hugh Dorrian(Photo: City of Columbus)
Auditor Hugh Dorrian(Photo: City of Columbus)

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and his administration are campaigning hard for passage of a $1.6 billion bond package.

The six-part package will be decided on November 4th by Columbus voters. Each part represents an area where the city wants additional funds – from streets and highways to sanitary sewers.

Sewers are the most expensive part, $551,970,000. City Auditor Hugh Dorrian says by law, if approved, that money can be used only for sewers. Money approved for streets can only be used for streets and so forth.

Dorrian says the city can borrow money at lower interest rates IF they have the voters’ permission

Hugh Dorrian is the long-time auditor of the city of Columbus. The 6-part bond package appears on the November 4th Columbus ballot as issue numbers 14 through 19.