Battelle for Kids Researches Extraordinary Teachers

The non-profit Battelle for Kids organization is developing on-line courses it says will help classroom teachers be more effective with their students. Attendees at the Columbus Metropolitan Club forum got a preview.

Battelle for Kids Executive Director Jim Mahoney likes to quote Albert Einstein who said, “Not everything that counts can be counted.” That’s especially true for effective teachers, says Mahoney.

“They gauge and fit their instruction to meet the needs of kids,” he says. “They are able to set targets and do lots of formative assessments with kids; they’re continually assessing kids as they go. These folks are not trying to drill and suck every last multiple choice question out of a kid, they are truly innovative and creative – those things are not the enemy of learning.”

Mahoney says that for the past year Battelle has been gathering information from 37 urban, suburban and rural school districts to find teachers who’ve achieved the greatest academic growth from their students. Now Battelle is developing online courses that will help other teachers implement creative ways of learning.