NTSB Crash Investigation Continues

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NTSB Air Safety Investigator Jim Silliman
NTSB Air Safety Investigator Jim Silliman

The National Transportation Safety Board continues to investigate the crash of a cargo plane near Columbus Monday. The crash killed the three people on board.

The Convair 580 was in the air less than 3 minutes and was trying to return to Rickenbacker airport when it crashed into a Pickaway County cornfield. The plane had just been through extensive maintenance at Rickenbacker. NTSB investigator Jim Silliman says the plane had just begin a combination maintenance and training flight.

“They were going to do a maintenance check on it and from there once the maintenance check was completed they would be flying on an instrument flight rules flight to Mansfield,Ohio where they were planning on doing instrument approaches and touch-and-go’s and then return back to Rickenbacker airport after that was done,” Silliman says.

Silliman says investigators will examine the wreckage as well as the flight experience of the three crew members. The plane’s flight data recorder was not working at the time of the crash. Silliman says the cockpit voice recorder was working and its contents will be examined by the NTSB next week.