Franklin Co. Commission Opposes Union Co. Egg Farm

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Another government body has gone on record opposing the Hi-Q Egg farm proposed for Union County. On Tuesday the Franklin County Commission expressed its opposition to the 6-million-chicken facility. The resolution comes as one of the Franklin County Commissioners is looking for votes in Union County.

Even though the proposed Hi-Q Egg production factory is 25 miles outside of the Franklin County line, the Franklin County Commission unanimously approved a resolution opposing the Union County facility.

The amendment was introduced by commission member Mary Jo Kilroy. Kilroy is running for Congress in the 15th district – which includes Union County. She says she’s worried about pollution reaching Franklin County.

“Putting the largest chicken facility in our watershed is something that we need to express our concern about,” Kilroy says. “A million people depend on this watershed; a million people in Franklin County; and we saw with Buckeye Egg farm — and this is bigger than Buckeye Egg — what problems can arise from a facility like that.”

Even though large egg production facilities have been built upstream from Franklin county, never before has the Franklin County Commission voted specifically on an egg farm issue.

Both Kilroy and her opponent, Republican state Senator Steve Stivers, have been involved in the issue. Stivers’ campaign manager Michael Hartley says that instead of using the issue as a political wedge, Stivers has been working with both sides to find common ground.

The Union County Commission, the Marysville City Council and the Union County Board of Health have passed similar resolutions in opposition to the facility.