Judge Sets Bond For Man Accused In Killing His Twin Brother.

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A Franklin County judge today set a $750,000 cash or surety bond for an 18 year old Columbus man charged in the killing of his twin brother.

Judge Patrick Sheeran says he weighed the gravity of the crime, the weight of evidence, the safety of the community and Derris Lewis’ family ties in setting the bond. Lewis faces six felony charges, including aggravated murder for his alleged involvment in the January 18th shooting death of his twin brother, Dennis. Derris was first charged as a juvenile, but was bound over to adult court and indicted last week. Assistant Prosecutor Doug Stead told Judge Sheeran the prosecution had trouble locating the defendant late last week after he was bound over from juvenile to adult court. Outside the courtroom, family member Paula Lewis says her nephew is no flight risk.

“We just want him home, he’s not going to run, y’know. He’s been out since Wednesday. He ain’t gonna run. He’s not going to run.” Says Paula Lewis.

But, Stead called the $50,000 bond set in juvenile court “ridiculous” for a capital murder case. He asked for a $1,000,000 bond saying the evidence against Derris is overwhelming. He told the court the prosecution has evidence of a “bloody palm print” of Derris Lewis from inside the Loretta Avenue home where Dennis was killed. Stead says the palm print can only be explained by Derris’ presence in the home at the time of the crime. So, the high bond request was necessary. During a recess in the hearing, Derris Lewis and about a dozen family members stood in a circle outside the courtroom and prayed. Paula Lewis, and other family members maintain that Derris Lewis is innocent of all six felony charges.

“He wasn’t in that house. at all. He just brought his brother home from a dinner that night that they went to, a Martin Luther King dinner. How could someone just go home, change clothes, plan something, and come back and kill his brother and put a gun to his mother’s head. No way. No way.”

After the hearing, Derris Lewis was taken into custody and booked into the Franklin County jail. A trial date has not been scheduled.

Tom Borgerding WOSU News.