Vets Need Better Healthcare

Listen to the Story

A guy was in Kroger’s the other evening, he had a tattoo of eagle an angry American eagle, one of it’s feet was turned up and it was extending it’s middle talon, giving a one-finger-salute for all to see.

I didn’t talk to the guy but judging from his high and tight haircut I assumed that he was military or at least former military and that the tattoo was the tattoo of a warrior.

Speaking of warriors, this past weekend I made a visit to a VA hospital.

Even though you may have not agreed with America being involved in a particular war, conflict or police action you have to understand that whatever is going on, our military doesn’t get to have an opinion If they get an order to take that hill, they take that hill.

They serve us. They protect us. They fight for us.

When people sign up for military service they make a deal with our country; a deal with all of us and we have a deal with them and part of that deal is that they will have access to medical care if they need it.

I’m no expert on medical care and I’m sure that there are a few jewels in the VA system but from what I witnessed this past weekend our Veterans Administration Medical system needs some real work.

At first glance things in the hospital looked ok – new flooring new paint on the walls.

Unfortunately for the vets seeking treatment beauty was only skin deep the recent renovation was the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig.

The facility was antiquated and obviously severely understaffed. It is disgraceful that we can spend billions, trillions, on our war machine but a terminally ill vet can lie in a bed, in filth, literally crying in pain, and it takes a nurse an hour to respond to a call button.

Since my VA visit I talked to many veterans, vets that are friends and family, and every story was the same, they only go to a VA hospital as a last resort.

This is shameful.

I think back about the guy’s American eagle tattoo who is it that the eagle flipping off anyway? Maybe the guy got the tattoo as a reminder of how his government was going to treat him in the future when he needed healthcare.

Here’s an idea if you know anyone getting ready to enlist in the military please join them in a visit to a VA hospital BEFORE they sign the papers. Look past the paint job, talk to some vets, and just try to picture yourself in one of those beds.