COTA Puts 26 Old Buses on the Auction Block


The Central Ohio Transit Authority is putting some old buses on the auction block Saturday. The event takes place at COTA’s 240,000 square foot Fields Avenue facility across 11th avenue from the state fairgrounds.

Marty Stutz, COTA vice-president of communications, marketing and customer service, says the items that will be up for bid include office equipment, a tractor with brush hog and smaller vehicles, but he adds, those are generally not the attention getters.

People are most familiar with 35 and 40 foot transit buses, says Stutz. We have some 1993′s and 1995′s. Those are pretty old vehicles. Generally the life of a transit bus is about 12 years.

Stutz says all of the buses are sold as is, and they are in varying mechanical condition. Some are road worthy; others are best purchased for parts. He notes that smaller, paratransit vehicles go for more money because they are easier to repair and probably have not taken the same kind of beating on the road that the larger ones have.

Stutz smiles when asked about fuel mileage. He says the large buses get four or five miles per gallon of diesel – tops. The smaller buses might get a little better mileage.

In the last auction, the larger buses went for $1400 to $1600. The small, paratransit buses went for close to $2000.

Stutz says, in past auctions, they’ve received bids by phone from two or three times zones away – for vehicles that have 500,000 to 600,000 miles on them. The auction begins Saturday morning, March 1 at 10 am.